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It’s a very exciting time to be involved in the youth work at Reach Derby. Our heart’s desire is to see young people have life-changing encounters with God, to develop healthy lifestyles and relationships in community and grow in intimacy with God.

What We Do:

Reach's vision is simple: we want to be Disciples who Go, Plant and Build God's church and Kingdom throughout Derby, the UK and the World. We share in that vision as young people too. We're looking to raise up youth that are wanting to Go, and that know what to Plant and are able to Build when they get there - wherever "there" may be!

In order to see our vision become a reality, we run quite a varied programme. We balance our time between focussing upwards on God, focussing inwards on each other, and focussing outwards towards our friends and the world we live in. We spend time being all gathered together for things like our residential and youth nights, as well as a monthly worship night called Awakening.

What's on for Youth



Servant Sunday
Sixth Form Supper

Fridays at the Riverside Centre & Bridge House

CCD youth Bridge

Weeks 1 & 5


Week 3


Weeks 2 & 4

Connect Parents

Connect Youth

Check out our closed Facebook and our Instagram account for what's on and to connect with us.

Check out our parent's Facebook group and to gain access to important youth resources

Instagram: @reachderbyyouth


Soul Survivor

Week B | 17 - 22 August

Booking fee £117

Reach Derby camping fee - £65 food and transport





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