Family on Mission

Our vision as a church is to welcome people into family and into community; we want to welcome home the prodigal sons and daughters looking for relationship and restoration with God. We do this as a family on mission, using our everyday lives to reach out to our networks, neighbourhoods and to the nations on our doorstep here in Derby. We want to love those we meet by integrating mission into the fabric of our daily lives. Our vision is unyielding.

CCD vision

1. Encountering Jesus

Being a Christian is to be sharing our faith. High quality Sunday services, invitational events, like Christmas services and Alpha, are all things we can invite people along to so they hear and meet Jesus for themselves.

2. Being Disciples

Being part of a community means and living out life together, a family on mission, walking alongside to encourage and challenge one another. Small groups, Riverside Communities and Life Transformation Groups equip and strengthen us to be and make disciples.

3. Serving others

Jesus served wherever he went and we are called to do likewise; to serve the poor and welcome the stranger. Upbeat Communities projects, Storehouse, schools, parent and toddler groups enable us to reach out and serve our city and surroundings.

4. bringing influence

We recognise that each of us is called and designed by God to influence in and outside our church. Raising up leaders to go, plant and build new communities, churches and sending teams out to the nations is all part of us giving beyond ourselves.