Overseas work

God’s on a mission to bless all nations through his people. As part of God’s family we believe we’ve been blessed to be a blessing to every nation and language group. 


Mission: Our story

Cross-cultural mission is in the roots of CCD. From the beginning teams would go out to support churches and projects in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and India. We began to send and support missionaries for these regions who served in education and development. In the early 1990’s, with the fall of the Soviet Union, an invitation came to help plant a church in Estonia. Over the years with a combination of short term teams and longer term workers we helped establish Sool ja Valgus church in the city of Parnu.

Missions at CCD

We now have workers in Uganda, Bosnia, South and Central Asia, and Cyprus. Some are serving in educational and vocational development, others in media, community development or church planting. We see the value in sending both short term teams, which provide a valuable experience of cross-cultural work, and long-term workers. In recent years we have begun to focus our overseas work on those people groups with the least opportunity to hear and experience the good news of Jesus.

We are committed to the principle of partnership in mission and enjoy close relationships with a number of missions organisations. We are also beginning to develop strategic links within the Salt and Light family to work together into regions unreached with the gospel.Derby is a multi-cultural city. We have a vision to share the love of Jesus with the new ethnic communities living around us. Several missional communities have formed around this vision and are involved in serving specific cultural groups in practical ways. As people come to faith from these groups we are helping them discover their own expression of Christianity whilst also finding their place in our wider church family.

Everyone involved

Whilst most of us are not called to go and live overseas, God’s call to missions involves us all. We want to look like the city in which we live and to do that we aim to be a welcoming community that reaches out in friendship across cultural divides.

There are many different ministries and communities in CCD that provide opportunities to work cross-culturally. Find out about forthcoming overseas ministry trips. Another vital way to be involved in missions is through prayer and support of our overseas workers. Contact the office for information about prayer groups and ways to help practically.

We run several courses to equip church members in serving cross-culturally. The “Kairos Course” is a fantastic introduction to world missions. “Friendship First” is a course designed to help us understand and reach out sensitively to our Muslim neighbours. For those exploring a call to longer term overseas work, or to find out more, contact the CCD missions team.