Church events & bookings

So you want to run an event at Reach Derby… We need a bit of info to make the booking/event a reality!

This form is for Church members of Reach Derby who wish to plan an event. If your event is not a church event, please contact eh riverside team separately to make a private booking.

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Date of event
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Riverside Centre (REM) specifics
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If no, please contact the REM team on 01332 332044 (1) or
Carparking *
If you have more than 40 people attending a car parking attendant will be required to assist with parking, and potentially more car parking booked on Pride Park. If other events are being hosted at the Riverside Centre, you may also need a parking assistant
Key Holder *
A key holder will need to be present to open and lock up for your event. If you are not a key holder, you may need to cover the cost of a key holder to be present to run your event.
Derby County / Pride Park fixtures *
Have you checked to see if there is a pride park match on or fun runs in the area such as Ramathon or Derby 10K?
Do you require REM to set up for you?
If they set up your event budget will be cross charged
For these items your event budget will be cross charged. Lunch from £6.95 per person Table cloths from £6 per cloth
If you require the PA system please indicate whether you require a trained technician. All users must be trained by our in house technician
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Do you need a sign up for the event (including for tickets)
This indicates what your preferences are, but may not be possible based on work load of staff or based on what we feel is appropriate for your event