The Bible is God’s greatest gift to us to help us discover who He is and what He is about. He wants to speak to us through it! If we want to grow as Christians, we really need to get inside this amazing book.

We can’t wait to discover more of God as we go through His story together; it's going to be an amazing year of learning, growing and hearing from Him. So join our mini-adventure, sign up today, and journey with us through the Bible in one year...

Get going...


1.Reading plan

We are reading the Bible in the order in which things happened which isn’t the same order that things are written down, so you’ll need to follow our reading plan.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Find it on the the back of our monthly calendars
  • Sign up to it using the free Bible App on your mobile device. We’re following the Blue Letter Bible, Chronological plan.
  • You can also download a physical copy of the plan and keep it in your bible...

2. Choose your bible

The important thing is that you find a comfortable way of getting into God’s word, so choose a translation that works for you. If you use the Bible app (formerly YouVersion app) you can access most versions for free.

We recommend using NIVUK, NLT or The Message versions. The app also has translations in other languages including Farsi.

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3. Build your rhythm

You’ll need to find a time to do your reading. For some, that’s first thing in the morning, for others its last minute at night. Find a time that works for you.

The Bible App has a listening feature where you can have the Bible read to you - you could even do it on the morning commute. This listening feature is also great if you don’t like or struggle with reading but still want to get involved.