Meeting in the round

We are very much looking forward to experimenting with a new way of shaping our Sunday gatherings on Sunday 17 March.  We will be looking to "meet in the round" with a view to seeing whether this is a way we can gather in the future.

We've attached a diagram that may help you to visualise what this might look like on the day. For your information the stage is shown to the left.


Why are we doing it? The premise is that we are a community of believers worshipping together. We want to reflect that as much as possible and have a culture in our gatherings that feels holistic and inclusive rather than any hint of performance feel.  We are all in the band!

There is more complexity to this than there might appear so we are asking you to come along and get a feel for it, have some grace as we deal with a sharp learning curve and provide any feedback you may have.

The band are preparing for a different experience and there is already some excitement about. 

Let's see what happens!