Family Forum 26th June 2018 

Thank you to everyone who could make our CCD family forum. As we go through this period of change, it was great to see so many people wanting to engage as a family. This was our third family forum this year and as a leadership team we feel it important to communicate as much as we can during this season of change. 

We have a strong sense of God’s leading in all of this; all the prophetic words spoken over us before we embarked on this change give us a real sense of hope despite some uncertainties. 

We wanted to use this family forum to communicate more information on changes - especially with regard to personnel within CCD. 

It is a season of comings and goings; we honour those who are leaving us and welcome those who are joining. 

Kish Parmar 

After 16 years of faithful service Deborah Robinson has decided to retire. We wished her all the very best for the future and thanked her for her tremendous hard work over the years supporting the vision and mission of EMCF. She will be missed. 

After a round of recruitment we appointed a replacement. Kish Parmar joined us on 21st May and is now in situ working hard in this very pivotal role. 

It seems like this series on Joshua has struck a chord with many people. For Kish and his wife Louise this is a very real step of faith as they look to relocate from Dunfermline, Scotland to Derby. Kish is a trained accountant and has worked for many years with the local and Scottish Government. Louise is a trained teacher with over 30 years of experience. They are both committed Christians with a heart for seeing the church being built up and the lost being reached. We really look forward to them becoming a part of our family as we make significant steps towards God’s calling on us as one-church. 

Simon & Gaynor Shaw 

Simon and Gaynor have been a pivotal part of CCD. They arrived 7 years ago, have made a tremendous impact and we have appreciated their focus and heart of worship. However, over the last 12 months they have felt God’s stirring in their hearts to explore a new and fresh expression of church within Derby. This new expression will focus on millennials, students and the creative community in the University Quarter. Change isn’t easy but there are times when it is the right thing for people to move on which is hard for all of us, particularly when we are family. However, as families grow, sons and daughters grow up and eventually leave home because they need to have their own space and in time become fathers and mothers themselves. This isn’t quite what we would have wanted, but part of the apostolic calling on us as a church is that we “Go-Plant-Build” and give beyond ourselves which means letting people go. We will be praying them out with our blessing (along with some others who will look to join them) on Sunday 9th September. God’s heart for Derby is so much bigger than ours and whilst they may not be an ongoing part of CCD (Reach Derby), they will still very much be a part of our lives and we look forward to our continuing relationship together through being part of Synergy (the wider group of churches that we relate to) and also through City Vision. 

Michael Wadsworth

Michael joined CCD almost 6 years ago. In that time he has taken the lead of CCD’s youth work, teaching and resourcing as well as working with Derby’s community of students and young adults. He has been a great help on our sound and AV desk and supported CCD in many other ways (some seen and others unseen). Unfortunately, due to the background of an increasingly challenging financial picture for CCD and the increase in costs (due to the leadership moving from a self-employed to employed status) there was pressure to manage our cost base in order to remain viable as a functioning church. 

Unfortunately, this meant that Michael’s role would be made redundant. This was not an easy decision to make. However, the church wanted to honour Michael and his work throughout the whole process of the redundancy. Michael’s last day as an employee of CCD will be on 13th July. 

Michael will continue to work with students through his role with Fusion. He also wants to outwork God’s calling on his heart as he joins Simon and Gaynor in their new venture. 

Richard Wormsley

Richard joined us on a temporary basis to cover the gap left by Steve Fogg. Richard has been a tremendous help in filling the operational requirements for CCD. The leadership wanted to recognise Richard’s heart and diligence in everything he has done for CCD for which we are truly grateful (often going over and beyond what has been required). Richard’s role comes to an end on 12th July. 

Emmanuel School

Ian Birkin, the current Head of the school, has served us ably throughout his time with us and has made a very positive impression on the staff and the pupils. However, due to unforeseen personal circumstances and prevailing ill-health Ian has decided that now would be a good time to step back from his headship. Ian will see his headship through till the end of this academic year. Therefore, beginning in September 2018 Ben Snowdon, Emmanuel’s current Deputy Head, will take over as the schools full-time head. Alongside Ben, Martin Frost (Chair of Governors for the school) will be volunteering his time to assist and support the school. 

Other Roles 

As we look forward to everything God has for EMCF under its new name of Reach we recognise that there is also a requirement for investment in some other roles. Whilst cost is a factor, the leadership have recognised that for the church to fulfil its calling it requires specific roles to help support the gaps identified during the consultation workshops in December, 2017. We will of course announce these roles as and when they are appointed. 

Other News 

We are very much looking forward to our EMCF Celebration on 1st July where we will have Dave Oliver speaking. Dave is a great friend of EMCF and brings with him a wealth of leadership experience, prophetic insight and wisdom. We are sure that it will be a great time of worship, fellowship and encouragement. There will also be an offering taken on the day which will significantly help us as we look to finance the restructuring, website changes and branding costs. This is all part of our focus on becoming one-church, Reach, which looks to see us becoming a family on a mission embracing the presence of God. 

For those that wish to we will also share a picnic together in the main hall. An ice-cream van for the younger ones amongst us will also be available.