Tribute to Barney Coombs

barney coombs.jpg

It was with great sadness that earlier this summer, we heard of the death of Barney Coombs after his long battle with illness.

Those of us who had the privilege of knowing Barney for over 40 years will greatly miss him.

He is regarded as a highly-honoured spiritual leader and the father-figure of Salt and Light, the movement of which we have been a part since this church began. His influence on the early days of our church here in the East Midlands was considerable and we owe him a huge debt for the foundations that he helped us to lay. He had such a large presence that continually steered us towards a godly life; he inspired us to love God with all our hearts.

Barney began his ministry as a Baptist pastor at Basingstoke Baptist Church, and led it into a radical time of renewal through the 1970s. It became a highly influential church and Barney’s leadership was respected both nationally and internationally. He was admired for his courageous leadership in a time of radical spiritual change in the nation; he was highly regarded for his wisdom, insights and personal integrity. His genuine love of the Lord, of the Bible and of the Church, laid a foundation in the lives of many leaders; he became a significant ministry with great influence in many countries.

He moved to Vancouver in the late 1970s, but continued to give an apostolic oversight of Salt and Light Churches in the UK and many other parts of the world.

He has left a tremendous legacy in many of us who have followed him into church leadership and ministry; we are eternally grateful to God for the privilege of knowing him.

Our love and prayers go to his wife Janette and the family at this time.

A Thanksgiving Service for him will take place at the King’s Centre, Oxford on Sunday afternoon 5.00pm 30th Sept. It is an open invitation to anyone who would like to attend.