Family Forum

Last week we had a Family Forum where we talked through our vision, staffing, finances and a number of changes at CCD. There were lots of very helpful questions relating to these. Our vision series from the book of Nehemiah provides the backdrop for this season of rebuilding that we are in - do listen to our talks online. For those who were not able to attend the family forum, here is a summary of the evening with the slides that Mark Mumford and Simon Shaw spoke from. If you have any ongoing questions then please do arrange to meet with one of the senior leaders or email them to

CCD vision

Our vision at CCD is to be an Apostolic Hub, based on Acts 1:8. This vision is outworked as follows:


Being a Christian is to be sharing our faith. High quality Sunday services, invitational events, like Christmas services and Alpha, are all things we can invite people along to so they hear and meet Jesus for themselves.


Being part of a community means and living out life together, a family on mission, walking alongside to encourage and challenge one another. Small groups, Riverside Communities and Life Transformation Groups equip and strengthen us to be and make disciples.


Jesus served wherever he went and we are called to do likewise; to serve the poor and welcome the stranger. Upbeat Communities projects, Storehouse, schools, parent and toddler groups enable us to reach out and serve our city and surroundings.


We recognise that each of us is called and designed by God to influence in and outside our church. Raising up leaders to go, plant and build new communities, churches and sending teams out to the nations is all part of us giving beyond ourselves.

Vision to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth

We believe that we are called to the city (our Jerusalem), to the East Midlands and to the Stranger in our midst (Judea and Samaria) and to the nations (ends of the earth)!


EMCF and Salt and Light

Community Church Derby (CCD) is part of East Midlands Christian Fellowships (EMCF) which is part of a wider family of churches called Salt and Light Ministries. Salt and Light has been in a process of developing into a number of 'spheres' who are led by a number of key leaders in the S&L UK Apostolic team. EMCF is part of the Synergy Sphere, which is led by Mark and Nesta Mumford and a team of leaders from different churches who belong to our sphere.

There is a fresh sense of momentum as the spheres establish their identity and we are very excited for all that God will do through our sphere over the coming year - do look out for key leadership events and also our new camp as we gather together at The Big Church Day Out next year!  

Salt and Light

Structure and shape of EMCF

EMCF is governed by the Apostolic Ministry Team (AMT) which is made up of different leaders from across EMCF. Sanjay Parmar (EMCF Operations Manager) supports the AMT. 

The AMT is accountable to the Board of Directors/Trustees. There are some new Directors who have taken on the responsibility in the last year: They are Jon Bearn, Andy Townsend, Emrys Jones (Chair) and Claire Tapping. Deborah Robinson is the secretary to the board and Sanjay sits with the board to support and provide information.

Structure of EMCF

How EMCF is structured

EMCF is led by the AMT who bring vision, leadership and direction to local churches which include Community Church Derby, Belper Community Church, Community Church Nottingham [inc. Eastwood] and Pathway Leicester, Lutterworth and Hinkley. 

The Riverside Centre (REM) and Emmanuel School are supported by CCD on a day-to-day basis, with the REM Management team and School Board of Governors being accountable to the EMCF board of directors.

Finances are centrally governed and distributed to local congregations according to their need.

EMCF structure

EMCF staff

Overall EMCF employs the equivalent for 3.2 full-time staff. Mark and Sanjay are full-time and Deborah and Paula are part-time staff who make up 1.2 in staffing terms.

EMCF staff

CCD staff and team

CCD employs the equivalent of 5 full-time staff for a congregation of approximately 700 adults and 270 children.

From top left to right: Simon Shaw and Adam Martin are full-time Senior Pastors, Steve Fogg is our part-time Executive Leader (overseeing the management of CCD, Emmanuel School and The Riverside Centre). Esther Williams is our full-time under 18's Leader, Julie Hill is our part-time administrator, Rachael Cox is our part-time Communications Officer and Michael Wadsworth is our part-time Student and Resource Pastor.

CCD staff

We also have a number of unpaid volunteers who contribute a significant amount of time, input and leadership to CCD for which we are really grateful, including Gaynor Shaw (Senior Leader with internship), Karina Martin (Senior Leader), Sandra and Graham Hinds (Senior Leaders and pastoral and ministry oversight), Richard Wormsley (Transforming Communities), Helen Bearn (Riverside Communities, Little Creations and Safeguarding deputy), Julio and Latana Abraham (Alpha), Andrew Land (Storehouse), Dave Snowdon (Overseas Missions Team and Safeguarding Deputy), Tony Turner and Sue Priestley (Celebrate Recovery and pastoral oversight). There are many others who oversee children's groups, sit on teams and support and strengthen all we do in the life of Community Church Derby. We could not do all we do without their valuable contribution, care, time and investment!

CCD Senior team

Over the past three years CCD has been led by Simon and Gaynor Shaw, Adam and Karina Martin and Graham and Sandra Hinds. Over the past six months we have been feeling the need to strengthen and support the senior team, and this has in part been in response to Adam and Karina's three month sabbatical.

Over the next 12 months Mark and Nesta Mumford have committed to join the Senior team to bring strength and support. During this time Mark will be leading the team. Steve Fogg also joins the Senior team to provide support and strength to the team in the same way that Sanjay supports the AMT.  

It is our hope that the Senior team will continue to be strengthened by other key leaders in CCD who will provide input and direction in their areas of expertise. 

The Wider Team is currently being reconfigured, which is in part down to the way in which key leaders have been drawn in to our quarterly day planning times. Strategy, planning and leadership times have shifted from the Wider Team to our key leaders who are invited to attend our strategic planning days.

Senior leadership

EMCF Finances

In recent years our financial growth has flatlined and in the last year declined. This is concerning and the pattern does not reflect our numerical growth in recent years during which time we have grown significantly in terms of people joining our churches, but many are from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have refugee status. 

Our vision (see first slide) is to be an apostolic hub that reaches out and changes the world! Financial resource plays a part in this and so we recognise that we need to do something to change the financial picture and to see the current trend reversed. There is a recognition that discipleship in this area does need to be clearer (what tithing is and why we believe it is important) and clearer and more open times to discuss EMCF finances in Q&A evenings.


Emmanuel School

In late June, the decision was taken by Emmanuel Governors to close the new Brunswick Street nursery site. This was due to a few factors that include lower numbers, staffing pressures and further legislation that we need to adhere to.

With other ongoing factors at Emmanuel the decision was made (with heavy heart) to close the second nursery site in order to focus on the Juniper Lodge site.

Over the last year the school has been stretched administratively and financially. Ian Birkin, the new school headteacher, has taken on the task of rebuilding the school with a strengthened staff team and is working on an implementation plan for this next season. 

Emmanuel School

If you have any questions or observations we would love to hear from you. Please email the office via the button link adjacent, or talk to Steve Fogg our Executive Leader.