How one group in Reach is causing a flood of people through the door - and how we need your help!


That’s the number of regular attenders we have each week flooding our church ready to hear how much God loves them and has a plan for their lives. Our ministry? A toddler group.

Little Creations has been running for close to 25 years and in that time it has grown from being a small gathering in someone’s living room to being the almost 200 strong group that it is now. It looks like your standard playgroup, but we have a major difference – God is right in the centre.

We’re getting bolder. We have some pretty great team around who are fierce in love for people and who boldly seek the Lord and pray for those He points out. We’re being intentional with our message and our themes and we’re already seeing God meet us there and blow our expectations out of the water. Each week we’re having conversations with people about Jesus. Each week somebody has prayed healing or peace over someone and each week 180 men, women and children, get to see the face of Jesus in the people who we have serving. It’s a pretty exciting place to be in.

We have a bold vision for Little Creations. We want to see it turn into its own community group – a place where people come to seek God together and support each other. A place where worship and prayer and bible study becomes the norm, and where people feel safe and loved. A place where spending time with God is totally natural and family centred. A city wide group of people serving their church and loving each other, just as Jesus did us.

God is taking our mustard seed of faith and proving himself faithful again and again. He’s taking the toys, the snack and the craft and showing us that it all matters to Him and that He’ll use it. We can’t wait to see what He does.

Little Creations needs more church members to come on team. If you want to find out how you can support Little Creations, through prayer, in the kitchen, tidying toys, playing with children, talking and supporting care givers, then get in touch!