The choice can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing tiles for your house. This is particularly true if you don’t have any idea about tiles.  

There are a lot of various types of tiles out there. You can either choose porcelain, cement, natural stone, or encaustic tiles. However, one of the most common tiles used in residential properties is the ceramic tile.  

If you’re planning to hire tilers in Glasgow to install tiles for your house, here are several benefits and drawbacks of ceramic tiles to help you decide whether or not you should choose this option. 


  • Slip-Resistant 

Not every ceramic tile will be slip-resistant. It’s something to think about depending on where they’ll be installed. However, there’s a chance for you to purchase tiles that have been made specifically to have anti-slip features.  

  • Moisture-Resistant 

Anything you spill on ceramic tiles will sit on the surface. That’s why they are extremely easy to clean. Also, they make an ideal option for rooms that can have an accumulation of moisture, such as bathrooms.  

  • Durable 

Ceramic tiles are difficult and tough to crack. Thus, they’re an ideal option for your house. If you do damage a tile, they’re quite easy to replace. All you’ve got to do is to ensure you have spare tiles that match the original tiles.  

  • Cost-Effective 

Selecting ceramic tiles is a cost-effective choice for your house with a lot of options for all budgets.  

  • Design Choices 

Advancements in technology mean that ceramic tiles can be made to look in various ways. Because of this, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from and personalize your own property based on your desires.  

  • Easy to Maintain 

Ceramic tiles are easy to keep clean and maintain. Liquids and dirt sit on the tile’s surface. This makes it easy to clean. A mop and hot water should be enough as long as you ensure you’re cleaning your tiles regularly. You can use several drops of dishwashing soap if there are stubborn stains that you have to get rid of. Do not use harsh chemicals and cleaners since they can damage the tiles.  


  • Lifespan 

Ceramic tile’s lifespan is not as long compared to porcelain. You should expect the tile to last around 3-20 years. This depends on the tile you choose. Though this will not be a problem for several homeowners, porcelain may be a better option if you are searching for something that lasts long.  

  • Cold 

Ceramic is a material that is cold. They’re great for warmer climates. However, if you’re living in a cold region, it can be a bit frustrating to have cold feet. Installing underfloor heating may be an excellent idea.  

  • Not Appropriate for Every Floor 

Not every ceramic tile is appropriate for flooring.  

  • Heavy 

A couple of ceramic tiles will not be appropriate for the upper floor. Thus, if you’re planning to install tiles on your bathroom or room upstairs, make sure you consider this. Else, you’ll have a hard time installing ceramic tiles since they’re extremely heavy.