For those who don’t know, there are a lot of various types of tiles that you can install for your flooring. Every option comes with its benefits and drawbacks. However, the decision will ultimately come down to your use and your budget.  

To help you choose the right tile for your flooring before hiring tilers in Edinburgh, we’re going to share with you some of the most common types of tiles for flooring. This will help you make a detailed choice about what type is ideal for you. 

Natural Stone Tiles 

There are a lot of various forms of tiles that fall into this category. Natural stone tiles look very authentic and beautiful. Also, they’re extremely durable. However, you have to maintain them regularly. Most natural stone tiles will require sealing. If you want to install natural stone in your house, it is an excellent choice for rooms with underfloor heating.  

Cement Tiles 

Encaustic tiles and cement tiles are sometimes confused for one another. The reason for this is that they almost look the same. However, they are not made the same way. As its name implies, cement tiles are made from cement. On the other hand, encaustic tiles are made from clay. They aren’t fired in a kiln just like other forms of tiles.  

They aren’t easy to maintain when it comes to maintenance. Because of cement’s porous nature, it can be stained easily. Thus, you have to reseal them frequently. Standing water can even cause permanent marks. Thus, perhaps they aren’t an ideal option for your bathroom or kitchen.  

Styles found on cement tiles are almost the same as the ones you see on encaustic tiles. However, cement tiles are a lot more affordable.  

Encaustic Tiles 

To create patterns, tiles are made using various colors of clay. Encaustic tiles are a great option when it comes to durability. Because of this, they’re an excellent option for residential and even commercial properties. Also, you can make your flooring the focal point in any room due to its beautiful pattern.  

These tiles are prone to damage. Thus, you have to take care of them. This is particularly true when using cleaning products. For instance, bleach will cause staining on the surface. If you want to maintain the look of encaustic tiles, you have to use non-abrasive methods.  

Porcelain Tiles 

This type of tile comes in two types – polished/glazed and matt/unglazed. They’re made out of finer clay. Also, they’re fired at a higher temperature. Thus, they are extremely durable. That’s why they’re used for both residential and commercial properties.  

Ceramic Tiles 

Perhaps one of the most popular types1 of tile. Ceramic tiles are versatile and durable. In addition to that, they’re also stylish. You can print any pattern on it. In addition to that, they’re slip-resistant and moisture-resistant. Thus, they’re a great investment. The easy maintenance and durable nature of the tiles make them an ideal option for a house with pets or kids. In addition to that, they are also great to use in high-traffic commercial areas.